Kim Hyun Joong: [Media] 20110811 TFS Being Interview in HOTEL Room

Credits: Kenh14
Eng Trans. HeneciaVietnam
Kim Hyun Joong had a friendly talk with Vietnamese reposters this morning. This short interview took place at the hotel room.
Q: How do you feel when seeing Vietnamese fans waiting for you at the airport as well as in front of the hotel last night?
I’m very surprised, happy and touched with Vietnamese fans’ unbelievable love and enthusiastic supports to me. However, that’s also the reason which makes me feel worry for fans’ safety.

Q: People say that you hide your brillant smiles since coming to Vietnam!
Partly, because it’s so late when I arrived at the airport. Besides, I’m worry for fans’ safety. I hope that I will have many chances to contact with fans in the next activities in Vietnam, especially at tomorrow fan meeting.
Q: How do you feel when your “hit song” “Please” has been banned by The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family in Korea?
That is a song intended for adult audiences. I think all of you here can enjoy it.
Q: After conquering Asia countries, do you intend to launch your music to international market?
Now I have been carrying many activities across Asia. Of course I also want to develop to the whole world. I’m setting up a plan for next year activities

 PLEASE Hyun Joong ... beyond Asia!!!

He took very quiet about the single "Please"
Hyun Joong is maturing very fast ^^


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